“Based on the processing of agricultural products,Create super billions enterprises”
Molded dried beef industry giants!

Green, uphold the traditional process,The fusion of contemporary outstanding scientific and technological achievements,Has become one of the country's largest producer of dried beef。

The group has been introduced“Green beef jerky”Series、“The farmer”Series、“Green braised food series”、“Green hand beef series”、“Green sheng beef”、“Green halide fang sheng”、“Green sauce duck tongue”、“Green beef loose”And so on nine big series hundred kind of specifications of the products,At the same time,The latest research and development“The halogen fang now steamed beef”、“The halogen fang now steamed duck tongue”New series of products are green products such as library has injected new vitality,In order to meet the different ages、Different tastes of consumers demand。

Sales network covering the whole country20Provinces,100Multiple places,2Several outlets,From sales2001Year at an annual rate of double increasing rapidly。

Green, memorabilia